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CNC Press Brake Folding

Our latest CNC Folding machine is a top of the range Amada HDS series machine with hydraulic servo drive for greater accuracy, speed and reduced power consumption. Accurate folding of complex profiles including tapers is ensured with eight programmable axes. Automatic table crowning makes sure that each fold is even across the full length, eliminating the tendency for the ends to fold more than the centre of the sheet.

Amada quick change tooling with hydraulic clamping means maximum flexibility to cope with short run production. We have invested in a large tool library to ensure we can bend the most complex profile with ease.

Our Amada pressbrake also features interchangeable back-gauge fingers that can be matched to the requirements of your job, increasing accuracy on delicate or complex jobs.

It also has an integrated angle measuring device, if the folded angle is not right first time it tells the CNC control to compensate, ensuring that the next part is perfect.
Both machines are linked to our design office to eliminate the downtime of programming at the machine.
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Amada HDS 130-30 CNC

Bed length: 3050mm
Maximum tonnage: 300 Ton
Programmable axes: 8 + crowning (includes facility for taper folding)
Tooling: Amada style quick change with hydraulic clamping

For heavy plate folding and lengths over 3 metres we have a Delem controlled 160 ton 6 axis CNC press.

Ermaksan 160-36

Bed length: 3600mm
Maximum tonnage: 160 ton
Programmable axes: 4 + crowning
Tooling: European style

Our precision servo hydraulic press brakes offer the highest part quality.
3000 x 130 ton 8 axis
3600 x 160 ton 6 axis

Extensive Tooling Library –
With our hydraulic tool clamping and segmented top and bottom tools we can
fold complex one off parts or high volume production efficiently.

Integrated angle measuring ensures part accuracy by transferring measured angle direct to the CNC controller for angle compensation.

CNC Press Brake Folding Examples

Above: laser cut & folded 4mm stainless steel part

Above: laser cut & folded 5mm mild steel part

Above: laser cut & folded 2mm cold rolled steel part

Above: laser cut & folded 6mm mild steel part

Above: laser cut & folded 3mm mild steel part