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Guillotine Plate & Sheet Cutting

Where straight cuts are required, our precision guillotine is the fastest and most economical method for cutting plate up to 10mm thick.

The hydraulic swing beam design provides a good quality, clean cut edge with no heat distortion or hardening. It is the fastest and cheapest method of cutting straight edges. A programmable back gauge eliminates having to measure and mark the sheet, ensuring accuracy and speed.

A pneumatic operated sheet support stops light gauge material sagging and helps align the material to the CNC back gauge to improve accuracy. The support also reduces damage to the cut sheet.

The shallow cutting angle of the blade minimises twisting of the cut part when cutting narrow strips of thin gauge material.

As cutting specialists, we select the machine which is right for each job to give you the accuracy you need at an affordable price. Call us today to discuss the best cutting method for your components.

Machine Specifications - Ermaksan HGD 4110

Maximum cutting length
  • Steel 1mm to 10mm
  • Stainless steel 1mm to 6mm
  • Aluminium 1mm to 10mm
  • Other non ferrous materials on request.

Programmable back gauge driven by pre tensioned ball screws. Resolution 0.1mm