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Laser Cutting

Our new generation Bystronic laser cutting machine give us exceptional laser cutting capabilities for cutting intricate shapes across a broad range of materials. From high volume to one off prototype parts, the machine is designed for speed, accuracy and fast set-up times. Fitted with shuttle tables for faster production, cut parts can be removed and a new sheet loaded while the laser works on the other table. We can also cut square or round tube.

With the latest software, we can rapidly convert your drawing or file and nest your parts for the most efficient sheet use, saving you money.
From steel to titanium, polycarbonate, wood or even carpet we have the experience to cut it efficiently.

Our design team can discuss with you ways to take advantage of the accuracy of laser cutting by adding location tabs and keys to make assembly easier and more accurate. Parts can be etched with assembly instructions to eliminate mistakes or etched with serial numbers for traceability.
Talk to us today about the advantages of high speed laser cutting for your business.

Bystronic Byspeed 3015

Power: 4.4 kW
Table size: 3050mm x 1520mm
Maximum cutting height: 75mm
Max cutting speed: 50 m/min
Rapid speed: 170 m/min
Date installed: Nov 2004
Replacement value: Approx. $950,000

Material Range

Maximum Sheet Size: 3000 x 1500
Minimum thickness for most materials is 0.4mm thick


  • Steel: up to 16mm
  • Aluminum: up to 12mm
  • Stainless steel: up to 16mm
  • Galvanized Steel: up to 3mm
  • Brass: up to 3mm
  • Titanium: up to 5mm


  • Acrylic: up to 16mm
  • Polycarbonate: up to 12mm
  • Polyethylene: up to 12mm
  • Polypropylene: up to 12mm
  • Polyurethane Foam: up to 50mm
  • Polystyrene Foam: up to 50mm


  • Plywood: up to 30mm
  • Mdf: up to 30mm
  • Pine: up to 30mm
  • Particle Board: up to 30mm

Natural / Other Materials

  • Rubber (Synthetic or natural): up to 10mm
  • Cardboard (most Types): up to 10mm
  • Leather: up to 5mm
  • Carpet (Synthetic or natural): up to 6mm

Specialist Laser Cutting Services:

Jig Cutting:

Using jigs, our laser can cut shapes in square, rectangular or round tubing. Ideal for hand rails, perforated tube or fabrications where accuracy is essential.

Up to 100mm x 100mm x 12mm thick

Minimum Hole Sizes:

Intricate details and small holes are possible with laser cutting, generally for high quality holes they should no smaller in diameter than the plate thickness you are cutting. Using pulse piercing technology you can reduce holes to 1/2 material thickness if required.

High speed rapid laser cutting and scan cutting

Suitable for cost sensitive production sheetmetal parts up to 3mm thick. Due to the high speed processing of parts in this method of cutting it has a slightly reduced edge quality. A very dynamic process that can cut up 600 holes per minute in thin sheetmetal.
Please call to discuss your requirements. If needed we can cut you a sample part.

Laser Etching/Marking:

Our laser can etch part numbers, serial numbers, logos or instructions onto most materials. For product branding, accurate assembly or traceability ask us about our etching service.