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Plasma Cutting

Where speed is required and for thicker plate, our high definition plasma cutter takes over from laser. Faster cutting than laser, cheaper to run and able to handle thicker material, plasma trades accuracy and surface finish for speed and economy.

Our plasma cutting machine is one of the new generation high definition machines with precise servo motors to position the head and a high power Hypertherm cutting torch. Our machine is also fitted with a drilling head for accurately sized and positioned holes and a gas cutting torch capable of cutting thick plate cutting up to 150mm.

When you contact us we can discuss your requirements and help you decide which process will get you the results you need at the best price. We can even cut you sample parts to help you decide.

Material Range:

Maximum Sheet Size: 3600 x 1800


Steel: up to 25mm
Aluminum: up to 12mm
Stainless steel: up to 25mm

Minimum hole sizes:

Intricate details and small holes are possible with plasma cutting. For high quality holes they generally should no smaller in diameter than the plate thickness you are cutting. Our machine is also fitted with a CNC controlled drilling head for drilling small, accurate holes. The advantage of drilling over plasma cutting is that there is no heat hardened edge that will damage drills, reamers or taps. Please call to discuss your requirements and we can recommend the best method to achieve the results you want. We can cut you a sample part to ensure your satisfaction before we start production.