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Vibratory Finishing & Bead Blasting

We have invested in a vibratory deburring and polishing machine to help provide you with a one stop solution to your cutting needs. The machine quickly removes any burrs or sharp edges left by the cutting process and leaves the product with a matt polished look.

Vibratory finishing means you don't have to worry about manually removing burrs and it makes for easier assembly of components.
Removing sharp edges is also much kinder on the hands for staff or customers who may touch the product.

While it is an attractive, professional looking finish as it is, it also provides the perfect surface for subsequent painting or powder coating.

Ask us today about our vibratory finishing service.

APBV 2D Vibratory Finishing Machine
Maximum part size 200mm x 50mm x 50mm
Finishing of larger parts on request.
  • deburring
  • edge-breaking
  • smoothing
  • de-scaling
  • degreasing
  • cleaning
  • burnishing
  • polishing
  • superfinishing

Our bead blasting cabinet is used for descaling or surface finishing components ready for painting or powder coating. It is also an excellent method of removing marks and scratches from components, leaving an attractive matt finish. Suitable for larger components and short runs.

Contact us about the options available.