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Waterjet Cutting

Water-jet cutting leaves little or no burr on the material and as it uses no heat, there is no distortion or edge hardening of the material. With high accuracy and repeatability, waterjet cutting complements our laser and plasma cutting machines so we can offer the best cutting solution for your job.

Using a jet of high pressure water mixed with abrasive grit, a water jet can cut almost any material including:
Aluminium, mild steel, high tensile steel, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, brass, copper, glass, plastics, acrylics, rubber, marble, granite, stone, wood, ceramics, cork, foam, polystyrene, vinyl, leather, laminates and composites.

Our Kinetic 2250 machine features a contouring, computer controlled bevel cutting head that can cut bevels up to +/- 55 degrees through a 360 degree rotation meaning that an accurate bevel can be maintained over complex shapes.
The pilot drill accessory can be used for accurate hole drilling or for drilling starter holes in composite materials where a water jet may cause delamination.

Our experienced team will discuss your requirements and will fine tune our machine to give you the accuracy, surface finish and turnaround you want at the best possible price.
Call us today to discuss the advantages of water jet cutting your next project.

Kinetic 2250

Fitted with 37kW KMT water jet cutting system
Contouring bevel cutting head
Cutting width 2600 mm
Carriage travel 6200 mm
Kinetic pilot drill
Laser alignment pointer

Maximum sheet size: 2500 mm x 6000mm
Minimum thickness: 1mm


Stainless steel
Titanium (or other material that suits water jet)


Polystyrene foam

For other materials please ask our helpful team.